Are Genetically Modified Feeds Safe for Livestock and Poultry?

Today GM, genetically modified crops are grown on 469 million acers worldwide, that’s a lot of food for a lot of people and animals. 70 percent of corn produced becomes feed for livestock and poultry, supporting vital protein sources to feed a growing world population. How safe is genetically modified feeds for livestock? What are the pros and cons? Numerous studies conclude GM crops provides only positive benefits to livestock, with no negative effects.  GM derived grains produce greater yields, grown with less pesticides and herbicides. In addition, GM crops produce livestock feed offers better feed qualities, designed to be safer than non-GM feeds. Ultimately livestock and people are better off with more food and a cleaner environment.  

GM Improvements to Livestock Feed

There have been many enhancements to GE crops that are fed to livestock. With the help of GE modifications to soybeans they now have improved product quality, disease resistance, insect resistance, and herbicide tolerance. Today, GE soybeans produce higher yields, using less pesticides and herbicides to produce a crop. Alfalfa has been genetically modified with better product quality and herbicide resistance. GE corn has improved feed quality with greater insect resistance lessening mycotoxin contamination, improved herbicide tolerance, and pollination control preventing undesired pollination.  

GE feed to Poultry

“Since 1996, livestock and poultry have been consuming feeds genetically modified in the form of corn and soybeans. All GE feeds are carefully monitored by the US government. When and animal or bird eats genetically modified feeds the genetic engineering does not carry over to the animal or the bird, it is eliminated in digestive processes, while offering incredible health benefits and protection from   potential toxins in feeds.” *

Future Goals of GM Feeds

Future GM crops will continue to have improved feed qualities with improved nutritional and digestibility benefits. Current development is focused on fine-tuning nutrients like proteins, amino acids, oils, and carbohydrates producing a more feed for healthier livestock. Genetically modified crop innovation has helped livestock with greater yields and designed a safer feed. As third world countries continue to develop in an explosion of modernization, where annual incomes are on the rise, people have more money to spend on foods once thought of as luxuries, creating a growing demand for meat, milk, and eggs worldwide.   


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