Dairy Industry – Calf Health Important Despite Low Milk Prices and High Feed Costs

Genesis Enterprises has developed a front door for all makes of calf hutches that provides extra protection from the elements.    This weathershield has been on the market for 5 years with many satisfied customers.  The cover is made of clear, heavy vinyl with a galvanized tubing frame.  It installs on any make of hutch and allows sunlight and heat in as it is a clear window.  They can also be used in sandstorms and can be used all year long to protect fresh bedding prior to a calf occupying the hutch.

During the World Dairy Expo in October of 2012 we were able to hear from customers who bought them 5 years ago and how well they liked them and how well they were holding up.   Other do it yourself solutions include propping a haybale or plywood in the doorway.  The Genesis cover lets in more light and heat than plywood and is a whole lot lighter than a bale of hay.

Genesis has sold the cover directly in the past and is establishing a dealer and distribution network.

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