Dairy Industry Losing a Billion Dollars a Year

As noted in DairyBusiness The Future of Dairy March 31, 2018 Heat Stress is Detrimental to your Cows Even with today’s modern management techniques heat stress effects cause the dairy industry to lose a billion dollars a year as a result in lower milk yields, declined reproductivity, and butterfat production.

 It is common knowledge that hot, humid days can take a toll on your livestock. Summer heat puts your horses, pigs, cows, goats, and other livestock, at risk for potential heat exhaustion and loss of productivity. Symptoms of heat exhaustion are lethargy, quivering, confused, and reduced food intake, with cattle and pigs being most likely to overheat of all livestock.

This summer offer protection from the hot rays of the sun, with an innovative concept of portable shade. Portable shade has many benefits, including relief from the hot sun. It is mobile, allowing you to put the shade where you want it, giving you the versatility to move it around avoids your stock from standing in unhealthy manure pile ups. Besides, moving portable shade around in a pasture is an excellent way to naturally fertilize your field and to encourage your livestock to graze all areas, avoiding bare spots. It has been observed that cattle standing in the shade spend less time grazing, but in a pasture setting, you can move the shade to grassy areas with the Genesis Mobile Shade, where cattle can take advantage of the shade and graze at the same time.

Portable shade with a Genesis Mobile Shade Canopy can help avoid heat stress with your livestock and increase productivity. The Mobile Shade Canopy can work just about anywhere but works exceptionally well in drylot confinement, offering a break from the extreme rays of the sun. Portable shade gives your livestock relief from the sun helping to avoid heat exhaustion, improving overall performance.

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