Delay Weaning Calves for Higher Profits

Start raising healthier calves for higher profits by calving in late spring and weaning the following spring when calves are around 10 months old. Numerous cattlemen are opting to calve later in the spring and delay weaning until after winter, resulting in healthier calves with better weight gain. In late spring calf and cow get off to a better start when pastures are ready for grazing. Calves staying with their mom though winter are healthier with mother’s milk, giving them that extra nutrition when they need it most. In addition, weaning calves the following spring, is less stressful for them and less man hours are needed for their care.

Keeping Calves Well in the Winter

Winter brings on a new set of challenges with calf care. In the winter calves and heifers require more energy to maintain their body temperatures and level of health. Particularly the calf needs adequate nutrition, to keep up growth levels, and stay healthy in adverse weather conditions of winter.  

Calves can be subject to cold stress when temps fall below 30 degrees Fahrenheit and need 25 to 30% more food to maintain in colder weather conditions, otherwise they will begin to lose weight with stunted growth, being with the mom gives them that extra nutrition that helps them withstand the cold.

Benefits of Weaning when Calf is around 10 Months of Age

  • Calf stays healthier when left to winter with cow on mother’s milk with less illness.
  • Wintering pairs makes winter feeding much easier, they learn from their mothers to winter graze through the snow, and how to take care of themselves. The calf learns how forage and eat in the winter vs. waiting for the tractor to drop the food.  
  • The weaning process in the spring is much easier for everyone involved, with less man hours required and less stress on the calf, resulting in a smoother process with a healthier animal.
  • Results show higher per day weight gain for calves weaned at ten months of age vs fall weaning.  
  • Letting the cow take care of the calf produces healthier calves with less labor, delivering higher profits.

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