Diversify with Miniature Cows for High Profits

Black Miniature Yak

Over a century ago, cows were a lot smaller, families didn’t have a need large 1,2,00-pound animals. Their requirements were different, a smaller cow was a perfect fit for the average homestead, providing ample milk and meat. A smaller cow was much easier to handle, simple fences kept them in, and they were very efficient for their size. Folks enjoyed their smaller cows often naming them and giving them treats from the garden. Then along came the demand for larger sized cows for the meat and dairy industries and cattle growers concentrated on developing bigger animals, to our present-day cattle. Well, times changed, and history repeats itself, the demand for pint-size versions are making a comeback with raised eyebrows. Why would anyone want a miniature cow?

Miniature New Highland cow

Raising Miniature Cows

So, what is all this bull about? Well, miniature cows are gaining popularity grazing those rolling hills in place of the traditional larger cattle. Homesteaders and hobbyists want them for their tiny size because they meet their needs and can turn a profit. Miniature Cows are about half the size of a normal size cow. They are perfect for the smaller farm using fewer resources, yet they provide plenty of meat and milk and can turn a profit, not bad for such a small package. Today’s growing trend of sustainability and raising food and selling the surplus, pairs well with raising miniature cows. These little guys are selling for high profits, bringing as much as $3,500 and up per head, at exotic animal auctions. They are also being bought for agricultural tax deductions, family pets, and 4H.

Miniature Jersey Cow and Calf

Many Breeds to Choose From

Homesteaders are having fun growing these little guys, because they are so darn cute, and making them a handsome return. The timing is right, the cost of growing them is low and the demand is high. There are many breeds to choose from, many owners are breeding multiple types. Here are some favorites Belted Galloway, Dexter Mini, Herefords, Texas Longhorns, Zebu, Scottish Highland, Holsteins, but there are more. Be sure to do your research and choose a breed or breeds that fit well with your farm.

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