Mobile Livestock Shade

Livestock Shade shown in feedlot application. Two 20′ x 20′ umbrellas on 4 wheel running gear.

We offer the complete unit with 2 umbrellas and a 4 wheel running gear or customers can purchase only the umbrellas and provide their own running gear.

The structure is equipped with a wind release mechanism that is designed to trip in high wind situations which loosens the shade cloth fabric to prevent or minimize damage to the steel frame.

A key benefit of livestock being attracted to the mobile shade unit is that the units move which results in more evenly distributed animal waste which optimizes its value as fertilizer when the placement is most uniform. Finally when animals are constantly moving under the shade there are benefits to the soil as compaction and erosion are reduced.

This is an example of precision agriculture which uses technology to manage the animal environment for better animal health and land stewardship.

Shade frame shown folded up in transport position.