Paybacks of Fall Calving

Calving in the fall certainly has some solid advantages to consider when planning your calving season. Calves born in the fall will be sold in the spring when demand is high. Most spring born calves are weaned and sold in the fall. The calf price for weaned calves is lower in the fall and higher in the spring, when demand is higher, potentially putting more money in your back pocket for the same calf, if born in the fall and sold in the spring.

Cows calving in the fall are typicaly in a better state of health than cows that calf in the spring, fall mothers had all summer to graze and improve their body condition, than cows calving after long winter.

Fall offers weather conditions that are more advantageous for young claves in that the temperature does not fluctuate as much nor is there as much cold and rain, unlike spring where there is more wet cold conditions and even unexpected snowfalls, that is hard on newly born calves.

Pastures normally bounce back with the cooler weather in the fall, giving cows ample grass for grazing while nurturing their new calf.

Birthweights of fall born calves tend to be higher than spring born calves, because the cows are in better condition after grazing all summer, thus new calves are stronger and inclined to get off to a better start with less health issues. *

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*For more information see article   Calving in the fall: Advantages and challenges, Jack Whittier Published on 24 August 2013,

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