Protect Horses from Summer Heat

Getting a horse at his top performance level takes time and work.

In training season your, goal is to keep your horse in top condition at his best performance level. An important part of equine care in keeping them in peak condition is to keep them comfortable in summer heat. Be sure your horse has access to shade and plenty of clean water on hot, humid days to avoid heat stress. Horses are large animals and naturally generate body heat as part of their digestive process, which is works wonderfully, in colder climates. However, when the mercury rises the heat they generate combined with a hot environment can create conditions causing heat stress, that will ultimately lower their performance output and can even be detrimental to their health. Be sure your horses have access to shade to stay comfortable when it is hot if your paddock does not have shade consider adding with a portable shade canopy, which can easily be moved from paddock to pasture with an ATV with ease.

Training your horse to perform his best.

Why Shade is Needed in Summer Heat

Horses with white facial markings can sunburn.

Horse flies prefer full sun, access to shade can provide relief from horse flies.

Shade keeps them comfortable on hot humid days.

Hot sun can cause a horse to over heat.

Other Benefits of Mobile Shade

Mobile shade can be moved with the animal for efficient grazing in rotational grazing system and offer continuous protecting from the sun. Plus moving the a mobile shade around also allows you to  efficiently fertilize your pasture. You can put the manure where you want it to land by simply moving mobile shade to the area of the pasture you would like to fertilize.


Mobile Shade Canopy ideal for keeping your horses comfortable when it is hot, for more information click here.


The standard unit is 21’ in length and each side projects approximately 10’ for 420 square feet of coverage. 


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