Protecting Irrigation Power Units from the Weather & Theft

Protecting irrigation power units from the weather and theft are important steps to take, just like performing routine maintenance, this process ensures your valuable equipment will be there up and running when you need it.

Placing your irrigation equipment in a field to do its job exposes it to all types of extreme weather and possible theft. The hot sun, strong winds, rain, and snow can take its toll on costly irrigation power units, and sitting out there in the open field makes it pretty vulnerable to thieves.

Plan now to protect your unit, just like performing common maintenance work, consider anchoring your unit down to a cement pad and covering it for protection.

Covering the unit can effectively protect your irrigation unit from strong winds, summer heat, dust, and the cold of winter. With proper planning and protection of equipment owners will save money and start up time in the spring. It is recommended that Irrigation Power Units, be placed on a level surface and not in existing tracks, so they can expand/contract with the cold temperatures of winter. Ideally, positioning irrigation power units on a concrete pad is recommended. This will allow the system to expand and contract with freezing temperatures. An additional benefit, a cement pad offers you an excellent way to anchor the unit down, protecting it from theft and wind storms. Also, covering your unit is and an ideal way to shield it from the hot summer heat, rain, dust, and wind. Planning now to protect your irrigation power units will ensure continuous uptime, having it work when you need it and reduce unnecessary downtime, and repair costs.

The Genesis Irrigation Power Unit Shelter is cost effective way to cover your irrigation power unit and protect your investment starting at $990 covering 8′ x 10′ click here

Irrigation Power Shelter
Genesis Irrigation Power Unit Shelter protects your unit from heat, wind, dust, and rain.

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