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Best Tips for Calving

Spring brings on seemingly endless projects; equipment repairs, structures, prepping for planting, and CALVING, it all seems to come at once. You have taken care of those mama cows all year now is the time to plan for delivery of healthy baby calves, and reap the rewards for all your efforts. Start by prepping your […]

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An Improved Way to Keep Calves Warmer in Freezing Temps

A decade ago, a dairy producer came to us for a door or cover solution for the entry into a calf hutch. Young calves are extremely vulnerable in heavy snow and freezing conditions and need extra protection to stay well in adverse weather. At the time there was not an acceptable solution on the market. With […]

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Paybacks of Fall Calving

Calving in the fall certainly has some solid advantages to consider when planning your calving season. Calves born in the fall will be sold in the spring when demand is high. Most spring born calves are weaned and sold in the fall. The calf price for weaned calves is lower in the fall and higher […]

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