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Do cattle need shade in the hot summer heat?

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Do cattle need shade in the hot summer heat? For years there has been a debate over rather shade for cattle is actually needed, however, there are real studies proving shade for livestock, is beneficial and cattle with shade will outperform their counterparts with no shade. A study published by McIlvain and Shoop in 1970 […]

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Tailgate Canopy

From Farmers’ Markets to game day tailgating, you need to find a tailgate canopy that meets your specific needs. Genesis Enterprises, LLC offers Tailgate Canopies that anchor to your vehicle hitch. No stakes or weights are needed. These canopies set up with a matter of minutes. You may be asking, “why do I need a […]

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Custom Dust-free Work Booth

Clients often come to Genesis Enterprises, LLC requesting custom Dust Control and Sanding Booths to meet the special needs of custom car painting. At Genesis Enterprises, we have a simple answer to this request. That answer is, “Yes! We can create a custom Dust Control and Sanding Booth to meet your needs.” Our quality design […]

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