Walkway Canopies / Entry Covers

A walkway canopy for a residential application.  This structure connects a home to a garage which is protected from weather.  The gable roof steel frame is made of 1 5/8″ galvanized steel tube to withstand wind and snow.  The fabric has a 7 year guarantee and is proven in all types of conditions. 

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 These structures are custom designed and provide a covered fabric canopy for many building  and awning applications.


                                                                     Weatherproof Connection Structure with Heat and Lighting
                                                                                      Connects a Hospital or Medical Facility to a Diagnostic Trailer

 A connection structure that provides a weatherproof enclosure between buildings or to connect a mobile diagnostic/MRI trailer.

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Lean To Entry Canopy

 Storefront Canopy With Modular Walls and Windows

 Building Entry Canopy

 Vinyl Top Structure with Logo/Lettering


Connection Structure

 Vinyl Canopy and Full Frame Links Building to Mobile Trailer

General Structure Information

Available in a variety of frame designs, fabrics, and colors. These structures provide an attractive option for entrance and walkway canopies. Other features include zippered modular side panels for ease of assembly, windows, doors, heating, lighting, etc.


Frames are constructed of 2” steel tubing corner and joint fittings which accept 1 5/8” heavy wall galvanized tubing for a snug fit that can easily be assembled and taken apart. Corner and joint fittings are welded and are configured with eye bolts for ease of assembly. Galvanized tubing is available in a variety of thicknesses from 14 gauge to commercial quality 40 to handle most snow and wind loads.


Each application is customized and widths may range from quite narrow up to 20 feet wide or wider. Available lengths range from 10′ to 50′ or longer.

Fabrics:   Cost-effective polyethylene may be utilized as well as high quality vinyl with up to a 8 year manufacturer’s warranty. Other materials available.

Doors and other Accessories:  units have been constructed with commercial grade, fire rated doors with panic hardware.

Fabric Attachment:  The one piece tent top is fabric welded or machine sewn with heavy duty polyester thread to resist deteriation. Grommets are installed in the hem to provide a strong attachment system. The top is attached to the frame with ball bungees which allow some stretch to reduce stress on the fabric and seams

Please call for Custom Pricing.

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  • Awning style cover attached to a drive-through window.
    Lucky 77 Closeup
    This high-pitched roof has a 60 degree slope which allows snow and rain to runoff. It is mounted to the building by mounting hardware which is included with the package. Custom logo is made of vinyl and attached to the tent top.
  • This pyramid or hip-roofed structure provides a secure walkway leading from a hospital to the parking lot. Additional features include modular sidewalls, and clear vinyl windows. This peak roofed structure made of 16 oz vinyl connects a hospital facility to a mobile diagnostic semi trailer for a longer term setup.

This is a closer view of the designer hip roofed structure above.

Lean To Canopy

  • swalkencl_5edited.jpg
    This lean-to style is positioned adjacent to the building and is attached with a mounting system provided in the package. Windows and doors are installed to finish the look and function.