Weatherproof Your RV and Save Money

Owning a recreational vehicle (RV) is fun and an enjoyable, rather you use it to camp at a local lake or explore a far-off place. Conversely, weather conditions can be harsh; causing premature wear and tear on your RV and require more energy to maintain a comfortable living environment. We weatherproof our homes, and similarly, we can take steps to reduce energy costs by making our RV more efficient. Simple weatherizing modifications can be done to protect your RV, cut energy expense, and keep your RV cozy for camping enjoyment. 

RV Skirting Reduces Energy Costs

An excellent place to start in weatherizing your RV is to add RV skirting to reduce energy costs and protect your vehicle from the severe weather conditions. It blocks hot and cold air flows from circulating under the RV, helping to maintain your desired climate. It works in two ways first by trapping air creating a natural insulation and second it is a barrier for protection from sun, cold, heat, wind, rain and snow.